Sabine Wittkopf

Curriculum vitae

Born in Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany1965
Baccalaureate, Are-Gymnasium, Ahrweiler1984
Season as GO (gentille organisateure), Club Mediterranee, Greece1987
Trips to Italy and France to study languages and work1985-1989
Training as seamstress and pattern cutter 1989-1992
Own atelier 1992-1996
Rockclimbing-trips in Germany, Italy, Greece, Thailand and Spain and Roadcycling in Southern France and Mallorca1991-2003
Own business for french fabrics, import, atelier and wholesale1996-2006
Guide, mountain bike tours in the Ahr valley for Basislager Ahrweiler2002-2003
Practicum in bike-workshop of Basislager Ahrweiler2003
Trips to New ZealandJan./Feb. 2004,2005,2006
Immigration to New Zealand (work visa)Jan. 2007
Shareholder in tour company 'aliveNZ'since Jan. 2007
Tourguide, 3-week-cycle and hike tours in New Zealand for pacificCYCLEtours2007-2018
Tourguide, 1-week cycletours in croatia for Radurlaub Zeitreisen GmbHSep./Oct. 2008/2009
Tourguide, 2-week hiketour in new Zealand for ACTIVE NEW ZEALANDJan. 2009
Permanent Resident in New Zealandsince April 2009
Tourguide, 3-week French speaking hike tour in new Zealand for ANZ Nature Tours2011-2017
Tourguide, roadbike tour french alps and roadbike tour Zurich-Budapest for Global Adventure GuideJun/Jul 2013
Tourguide, six weeks "Roadbike tour TdF-2000" for Global Adventure Guide / Global Cycling AdventuresJun/Jul 2014
Trave guide, hiking and round trips for Terra NovaSince 2016


Fluent in German, English, French and Italian

Qualifications and licences

International drivers licence (1983)
Passenger (P) endorsment, NZ standard
Heavy vehicle (class 2) licence, NZ standard
Comprehensive 1st aid course, every 2 years

New Zealand expertise

New Zealand history and culture, flora and fauna, geography, Maori


Traveling, cycle tours
Cycling (road- and mountain bike)
Running, (mountain) hiking
Cooking ... and eating

Live your dreams

For many people going on a journey means fulfilling a dream.

I enjoy being their guide on this journey.
In a cheerfull and considerate way I create a relaxed atmosphere for my guests.

My skills in organisation and communication guarantee a successful tour. I´m happy to share my comprehensive knowledge with English, German, French and Italian speaking groups.